The smarter way to better teeth.

Sitting neatly – and discreetly – behind your teeth, our Smartwire gently moves teeth over time using advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms. Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s actually way easier than dealing with plastic liners and monthly tightenings, plus you can brush and floss as usual.

Is InBrace right for me?


InBrace is made to treat the most common alignment issues including spacing, crowding, and bite.
Sound like you? Cool!

Prefer to keep your new accessory to yourself? No problem. InBrace is tucked behind your teeth so it will never upstage you.

Like to snack? Us too. With InBrace, you can feel free to eat and drink whenever you want – without having to remove icky aligners first.

Are you an instant gratification kind of person? You’ll appreciate seeing results within the first two weeks of treatment and faster results overall.

Got things to do and places to be? There are no monthly tightenings or tray changes with InBrace so you’ll spend a lot less time at the orthodontist.

Don’t need "one more thing to do?" Brush, floss, and live your life as usual while in treatment.

Ready to stop hiding and show the world what you’ve got? That feeling starts on Day 1 with us.  

Smartwire System


Highly-intelligent, unassuming, and custom-fit specifically for your teeth and treatment plan. 

Gently and efficiently moves teeth into place according to your pre-programmed treatment plan.

Tooth Movement 

No sliding mechanics or uncomfortable adjustments required. Smile, this is gonna be easy. 

Protects the long-term health of your gums, teeth, and mouth. (And makes you look good.)


This is gonna be fun! To get started, the doctor just needs some basic information.

Ready to reclaim your mouth?  

I wish I had known about InBrace before getting professional aligners! InBrace is fixing my bite, which 3 years of professional aligners could not do – all while being actually invisible.

Shreya, Engineer, 26


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Dr. Mimi Nguyen

5832 Hubbard Dr
Rockville, MD 20

1800 K St NW #1104
Washington, DC 20006

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16 weeks

Only you and your doctor can decide if InBrace is the right solution for your teeth and lifestyle, but these points should help guide you.

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Dr. Dror Orbach

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InBrace promotion applies to new patients only, includes treatment for InBrace treatment, and does not include auxiliaries or retention. Talk to your provider about your specific treatment needs.

The average cost of InBrace is $6,000, but we're excited to offer an exclusive $500 discount when you complete the online consultation now. And your insurance may cover up to $2,000. Be sure to fill out the insurance portion of the form so we can give you an accurate cost.

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Meet InBrace.

InBrace is teeth straightening on autopilot with a personalized Smartwire™ hidden behind your teeth that gently perfects your smile.


Personalized for your unique anatomy and plan, InBrace not only transforms how your teeth are straightened, it changes the entire treatment experience. There’s no hiding. No waiting. No holding back. Just a whole lot of WOW.


Small wire.
Big difference.

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